Acupressure massage is an ancient Chinese technique used to relieve the body of certain health conditions. Similar to acupuncture, acupressure also stimulates specific pressure points within the body to improve its responses to various ailments and conditions. The main difference between the two is that acupuncture utilizes needles to stimulate pressure points while acupressure uses fingers, elbows, and non-invasive devices.

Your body is made up of thousands of pressure points located within specific meridians. Meridians are individual channels along which vital energy, or the life force known as chi, flows through your body.  The human body has 12 meridians, which each connect to a specific organ or group of organ. They begin in the fingertips, travel to the brain, and then continue on to the organs.

If the flow of chi is hindered, depending on which meridian is effected,  that indicates that your body is experiencing a specific illness. Stimulating the pressure points in this channel will enhance the blood and energy flow and release the built up tension.

The Hoku point, or the L14, is the pressure point specifically related to pain relief.  L14 is located between the thumb and the index finger. Chiropractors stimulate the Hoku point whenever a patient is suffering from back pain, and once it is stimulated, other areas of the body will begin to experience pain relief as well.

Although acupressure provides relief for certain body conditions, it is important to note that pressure points in the body must only be stimulated in the proper way in order to be effective and safe.  A patient should consult with an acupressure expert, versus trying to self-diagnos, so they can help the patient locate the appropriate pressure points in the body and determine when and when not to stimulate them. Manhattan Physical Therapy offers expert knowledge on acupressure massage and is able to safely aid patients through the acupressure process.

-Dr Sid
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