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Small Curve Camp – Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention (ESSI)

Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention, for the MILD scoliosis curve (below 25 degrees)

Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention(“ESSI”) is a 5-day exercise based scoliosis treatment and spinal rehabilitation program for the scoliosis patient with a curve BELOW 25 degrees. The goal of ESSI is to reduce the chances of your child developing moderate-severe scoliotic curves necessitating invasive procedures such as rigid bracing or scoliosis surgery. ESSI is in high demand as it:

  • Empowers you and your child to be proactive at the most optimal time (when the curve is small)
  • Significantly decreases your child’s chance of undergoing invasive rigid bracing or surgery
  • Reduces spinal curvature
  • Stops scoliosis progression

Clinical data shows that scoliosis patients diagnosed with curves below 25 degrees, who get involved with Early Stage Scoliosis Intervention, significantly decrease their chances of developing moderate to severe scoliosis than that of those who essentially do nothing by simply monitoring with periodic x-rays.

FREE MILD Scoliosis Home Monitoring KIT


Kit includes: Scoliosis wall grid, tracking chart and easy instructions.

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The 5-day ESSI program starts with a thorough evaluation of your child’s scoliosis. Dr. Sid uses posture analysis, digital X-ray, and scoliscore genetic testing (where applicable) do diagnose and design a customized re-training exercise treatment for your child’s scoliosis. The scoliosis exercise program retrains the automatic posture control center located in the brain to hold your child’s spine straighter. Via the use of specialized scoliosis equipment and specific neuromuscular exercises, Dr. Sid and your child, will quickly begin to retrain the brain and the spinal muscles creating: better alignment and decreased biomechanical risk factors such as head translation, pelvic and torso rotation, and sagital spine instability. Upon completion of the ESSI program, your child receives instructions on how to use specific equipment and perform specific exercises at home to further the muscle retraining and stabilization of your child’s spinal curve.

ESSI, best alternative to “Watch and Wait”

Currently, the only ‘medically’ sanctioned scoliosis treatment option for curves under 25 degrees is essentially do nothing. This is referred to “watch & wait.” Surprisingly, there have been no reported cases of scoliosis improving during this “watch and wait” period. Scoliosis waits for…

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MIX. FIX. SET. Treatment

The 1st step to correcting scoliosis is to loosen tight muscles, ligaments and tendons. MIX refers to any treatment that causes the soft tissue, ligaments and muscles to elongate and relax prior to spine repositioning. MIX procedures increase spinal flexibility which is a critical success factor in scoliosis reduction. The specialized…

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