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ESSI: Mix, Fix, Set Scoliosis Treatment

MIX Procedures

The 1st step to correcting scoliosis is to loosen tight muscles, ligaments and tendons. MIX refers to any treatment that causes the soft tissue, ligaments and muscles to elongate and relax prior to spine repositioning. MIX procedures increase spinal flexibility which is a critical success factor in scoliosis reduction. The specialized equipment used during the MIX phase include the wobble chair,Vibratory traction, and the Exckard table.

FIX Procedures

The 2nd step, referred to as FIX is to align the spine into the proper position. We accomplish this by administering specific manual adjustments that cause bone or joint repositioning.

SET Procedures

The 3rd step, the SET, is to re-educate the brain to properly communicate with the muscles to hold and maintain the new corrected position. Via the use of neuro-muscular re-education exercises and specific body weighting, the body responds and the brain relearns how to hold the spine in the correct position.

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