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ScoliSMART Chiropractic Care in NYC


According to the developer of Chiropractic, BJ Palmer, a clumsy slip on a sidewalk may seem like a small thing. But the cascade of events that follow could potentially lead to bigger problems down the road. A slip, however insignificant, creates an unexpected jar to the spine… vertebrae become misaligned… nerve pressure ensues… tissues become starved of instruction… malfunction follows… sickness develops… potential is robbed… and the course of Life is altered. All from an inconsequential, embarrassing moment in time – unless remedied soon after the event.

Request your Complimentary ScoliSMART Consultation:

Early Physical Therapy Treatment More Effective Than Delayed TreatmentNo matter how minor the slip, your Chiropractor in Midtown Manhattan would rather evaluate you right away to be safe. Not only can we adjust you back into alignment if necessary, correcting misalignment sooner can thwart disruptions in your Life (and the Lives of others) later. After the fall, do us all a favor and get checked by your chiropractor in Midtown Manhattan.

Proper posture not only means sitting correctly, but it also involves your day-to-day activities.  There are several ways you can improve and maintain the right posture when you have scoliosis.


A good alternative to scoliosis surgery is noninvasive chiropractic care that utilizes massage therapy to correct the abnormal curvature of the spine. There is no need for incisions, and it is therefore a proven safe method that is equally effective without the risky side effects of surgery.  Going through chiropractic treatments will not only help you improve your posture, but it will also help you correct your spinal condition. Talk to your chiropractor to determine the right treatment plan for you and the proper lifestyle practices for handling scoliosis.

Another way to improve our posture is through regular exercise. Even though you may be undergoing therapy, exercise is also important to keep your body working while you are at home. Take note that there are exercises that are not advisable to scoliosis patients, as these will only make the condition worst. Focus more on strengthening your core and your lower back through things such as Pilates.  Aside from strength exercises, do some stretching exercises each day as well. Stretching your body will help strengthen the spine and increase your body’s flexibility and mobility. Stretching will also reduce the risk of body injuries during exercise and treatments, which can further contribute to back pain.

Take the time to introduce yoga into your routine. Yoga poses not only enhance the flexibility of our body, but they also help improve your breathing. With the right poses, yoga can improve your body posture.

To help you know more about how to deal with scoliosis, visit NY Chiropractic for proper treatment plans and tips for dealing with scoliosis. Exercise techniques and proper diet and lifestyle advice are also offered to patients in addition to their treatments.

-Dr Sid
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