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Feel empowered, inspired & confident.
Because, nothing will work unless you do.
Feel empowered, inspired & confident.
Scoliosis Treatment NYC


Avoid surgery & decrease spine curvature.

Chiropractor NYC


Heal the body to increase personal abilities & performance.

Chiropractor NYC


Gain control of your life by becoming healthy, happy & confident.

Our Difference

Customized plans integrating non-invasive, non toxic & non-surgical treatments tailored to your needs and goals.

Chiropractor NYC

Revolutionary ScoliSMART Solutions

Why do scoliosis patients, from across the country and around the world, travel to ScoliSMART™ Clinics – For access to “a better way”. Over a decade ago we started out on a journey to find “a better way” to treat scoliosis, a way that focused on treating the condition itself, and not just the spinal curve, a way that produced no side effects or pain for the patient, a non-invasive way to train the brain how to learn to hold the spine in a straighter position, automatically, and a way to allow a child to still be a child, not a condition.

  • Reduce and stabilize scoliotic curve / halt curve progression
  • Improve function and cosmetic appearance
  • Eliminate the need for invasive hard bracing or surgery

Scoliosis Success Stories

  • 34% Stable Correction Fifteen year old Kayla had primary lumbar scoliosis with a significant rotation Risser IV. The 14 month follow up demonstrates a 32º Cobb angle and a stable correction of 34% with de-rotation occurring, creating a very nice cosmetic improvement.

    KaylaScoliosos Treatment
  • Improved Body Shift Baili is a 13.5 year old female with severe primary thoracic scoliosis and postural deformity. Initial response to Scoliosis BootCamp exercise training was a 30% decrease to her spinal curvature, from 60º to 42º, and a 60% improvement with postural asymmetry taking her body shift from 4 inches to 1.5 inches. Stable muscle memory should occur within 3 months of the BootCamp with daily exercises, followed by another week of BootCamp where we will again aim to further reduce and stabilize her curvature.

    BailiScoliosos Treatment
  • 37% Initial Reduction Kaylee is a 14.4 year old female Risser IV with a primary thoracic scoliosis and right body shift of 2 inches. Initial response to 2 week BootCamp resulted in a 37% reduction of her scoliosis from 49º to 31º. She was prescribed daily home exercises consisting of a TorsoTrainer™ and a vestibular disc to ensure new muscle memory will be achieved. She will be evaluated in 3 months to determine the effectiveness of home care.

    KayleeScoliosos Treatment
Pain & Injury Treatment NYC

Optimal Pain Management

Tired of over-promised results and routine pain prescription medicine or invasive pain injections? Gain access to our comprehensive, patient-centered, optimal pain management that gets to the root of your pain and supports your body’s innate ability to heal. Through a combination of multi-disciplinary non-invasive, non-toxic, pain management solutions and custom exercises, you experience: pain relief, spinal bio-mechanical correction, improved posture, restored function, increased strength. Receive tools for sustained correction, prevention, health & wellbeing.

  • Leverage collective knowledge of diverse disciplines to discover the root of your pain
  • Enjoy one-on-one, non-toxic, non-invasive, integrative optimal pain management
  • Feel and measure your results – eliminate pain, improve posture, restore function, increase strength, sustain alignment and prevent

Pain & Chiropractic Success Stories

  • Dr. Sid himself is one of the best chiropractors in New York City, if not the world, not just for his extensive training and skills but for the other side of Chiropractic - the relationship between Patient and Doctor. He is friendly, warm, and supportive, with a visible interest in you getting better every step of the way. A visit never went by where many like minded individuals were out to this gem, Esprit Wellness Center, to straighten out their backs, where Dr. Sid did not give me as well as everybody else individualized attention to make sure everything was proper, be it the positions, the exercises, or otherwise.

    B. HaranPain Treatment
  • I am so very thankful to Dr. Sid and his wonderful staff (Ruben and John) for the warmth and caring that is always shown to me throughout my ordeal. They have made me feel very comfortable and welcome. I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Sid for his gentility as he administers my treatments with such expertise. He is a truly amazing and an extremely skilled physician. I strongly recommend anyone having scoliosis, musculoskeletal problems, or just need to revitalize and energize his or her spine, to contact Dr. Sid's office. He is the best there is. He has changed my life with his therapeutic touch and his gentle yet strong healing hands.

    MonaPain Treatment
  • Dr. Sid is truly amazing! His techniques have helped me as well as dozens of others to relieve major back pain! Before seeing him, I was completely handicapped – literally – I could not do anything. I couldn’t walk without pain, I couldn’t get dressed, nor shower…I couldn’t even get a good night’s sleep.

    ToddPain Treatment
Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine NYC

Integrative Sports Medicine

Injured? Seeking to get back on track, fast, and improve your performance? Don’t lose progress. Make informed choices about our patient-centered, state of the art, advanced manual therapy techniques to support your healing and recovery. Leverage our extensive network of leading fitness professionals to support your active lifestyle and avoid future injury. Get back out there feeling and performing – better, smarter, stronger, and faster!

  • Gold standard, advanced manual therapy techniques
  • Treat the source of your injury, sustain and prevent
  • Feel & perform better, smarter, stronger, and faster

Sports Medicine Success Stories

  • I am so relieved that Dr. Sid has been able to correct years of accumulated damage and continue something I enjoy. Once again I'm able to lift weights and do other exercises like push-ups which used to hurt. Dr. Sid also made me aware of the causes for some other neck and back issues I was having and through his adjustments I'm feeling stronger and healthier overall. Dr. Sid is passionate about his practice and completely client focused. Also, the spa like environment feels like a treat to visit his office.

    RJ DeMarxSports Medicine
  • I can honestly say that after one treatment involving massage, ART treatment, and a traditional chiropractic realignment, my pain was reduced by 90%. The next morning I could tie my shoes nearly pain free for the first time in months. It really was miraculous. After that, my treatment regimen has reduced my pain further to the point that it is nearly entirely gone. Dr. Sid's treatment is unique. The combination of phenomenal massages from Ade, or the two Marks, exercises involving hip rotation and movement, stretching exercises, ART, acupuncture cups, and traditional chiropractic alignment is something you won't find anywhere else.

    Name Kept PrivateSports Medicine
  • Over the years I have used three other Chiropractors. I will 100% attest that his practice is worlds apart from traditional chiropractic experience. If you are seeking another level, a spa and zen-like approach to holistic health with a sports massage focus - you found it right here.

    R. SeidSports Medicine
Health & Wellness
Health and Wellness Service NYC

Health and Wellness Services

Losing your momentum? Feeling stressed, and out of control? WELCOME! Feel empowered, inspired and confident, with tools that support positive lifestyle changes – through education, diet, weight loss, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Tap into our extensive wellness network & feel supported with resources for prevention and sustainable wellbeing. LoveYOU, because, you were born to LiveWELL!

  • Feel welcomed and supported to LiveWELL!
  • Exhale! De-stress, lose weight, sustain loss, and improve nutrition
  • Gain control of your life. Feel healthy, happy, and confident

Health & Wellness Success Stories

  • I'm so happy I chose Esprit Wellness for my spinal therapy. To the outside world, I looked happy and full of life. However privately, I suffered every day with excruciating neck pain. After a week of therapy, I started to feel like a brand-new person. Less pain and my posture improved a great deal. This place is incredible! The staff is extremely professional and appointments are on time (rare these days!!)  Dr. Sid displays a genuine concern for his don't feel like another number.

    Name Kept PrivateHealth & Wellness
  • Expert Prenatal Natural Chiropractic and Massage – I recently gave birth to my first child! Throughout my pregnancy I experienced much discomfort - nausea, headaches, low back & pelvic pain, and front thigh numbness and tingling. My baby was also in breech position until the 36th week. I am grateful I was referred to Dr. Aatif Siddiqui ("Dr. Sid") for drugless, non-noninvasive, alternative care.

    ShenHealth & Wellness
  • Dr. Sid
    Dr. SidNY & NJ Board Certified Chiropractor
    • Founder & President, Esprit Wellness
    • Co-Founder, ScoliSMART Clinics
    • Post graduate education in Scoliosis, Sports Medicine, Spine Health Rehab, Health & Wellness
    • Published research author, speaker, SpineCor, Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, Webster Technique, Certified
    • Husband and proud dad of one healthy girl!
    • 1% for the Planet member

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    • Marlene Oliva
      Marlene OlivaDirector, Esprit Wellness
      • Co-Owner and Director, Esprit Wellness
      • Trained at Harvard Business School and Institute of Integrative Nutrition; candidate for Masters in Acupuncture from TriState
      • Foreign languages: Spanish; French
      • Wife, and proud mom of one healthy girl!
      • Passionate about working for impact and inspiring others to LiveWELL!
      • 1% for the Planet member

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