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When you choose scoliosis treatment with Dr. Sid, Co-Founder of ScoliSMART Clinics NY, you are choosing an expert in the field of non-invasive scoliosis diagnosis, treatment and management. ScoliSMART® Clinics – New York offers a unique and personalized treatment experience. Our revolutionary, patient-centered, comprehensive scoliosis system is the brainchild of our ScoliSMART Doctors 50 years+ combined clinical experience working directly with scoliosis patients of all age groups. ScoliSMART Clinics – New York proudly offers the following exercise based program and nutritional supplementation to support your goals and needs.

  • Reduce and stabilize scoliotic curve / halt curve progression
  • Improve function and cosmetic appearance
  • Eliminate the need for invasive hard bracing or surgery
  • 37% Initial Reduction Kaylee is a 14.4 year old female Risser IV with a primary thoracic scoliosis and right body shift of 2 inches. Initial response to 2 week BootCamp resulted in a 37% reduction of her scoliosis from 49º to 31º. She was prescribed daily home exercises consisting of a TorsoTrainer™ and a vestibular disc to ensure new muscle memory will be achieved. She will be evaluated in 3 months to determine the effectiveness of home care.

    KayleeScoliosos Treatment
  • Improved Body Shift Baili is a 13.5 year old female with severe primary thoracic scoliosis and postural deformity. Initial response to Scoliosis BootCamp exercise training was a 30% decrease to her spinal curvature, from 60º to 42º, and a 60% improvement with postural asymmetry taking her body shift from 4 inches to 1.5 inches. Stable muscle memory should occur within 3 months of the BootCamp with daily exercises, followed by another week of BootCamp where we will again aim to further reduce and stabilize her curvature.

    BailiScoliosos Treatment
  • 34% Stable Correction Fifteen year old Kayla had primary lumbar scoliosis with a significant rotation Risser IV. The 14 month follow up demonstrates a 32º Cobb angle and a stable correction of 34% with de-rotation occurring, creating a very nice cosmetic improvement.

    KaylaScoliosos Treatment

ScoliSMART™ Solutions – A Better Way



What Makes ScoliSMART™ Exercises So Smart?

ScoliSMART™ exercise is the first scoliosis treatment approach that uses nutritional support principles in combination with both static and dynamic Auto Response Training equipment.

Recent clinical studies have shown that certain neuro-transmitter imbalances are commonly found in scoliosis patients. These neurotransmitters are directly related to your spine’s reflex control mechanism, which affects your spine’s alignment. Our doctors test these neurotransmitters and provide supplementation to support, rebalance, and prevent spinal fatigue during exercises. Neurotransmitter monitoring in combination with Auto Response Training create a unique environment for positively influencing these spine reflexes and reducing your scoliosis. Auto Response Training is performed using specialized equipment such as the TorsoTrainer™, Scoliosis Cantilever™ and the patented Scoliosis Activity Suit™.

ScoliSMART™ exercises focus on your spines reflexes and subconscious brain control. Like the beating of our heart, the alignment of our spinal column is controlled by your brain. Like your heart beat, your spinal alignment cannot be directly controlled by you. You can, however, indirectly influence this control mechanism by causing a reaction. Our doctors use exercise equipment, to engage the muscles supporting your spine’s alignment. This equipment influences how the brain contracts your spine’s deep muscle layers, the layers controlling alignment of your spine. You do not “think” about which muscle to contract, rather your spine’s natural righting reflexes automatically do it for you. This is known as Auto Response Training. For example, if you were to run up a flight of stairs your heart would automatically increase its rate in order to produce more blood flow. It is an autonomic reflex that increased the heart rate; we use this same principal to cause your spinal reflexes to react causing more symmetrical muscle firing resulting in a straighter spine.

ScoliSMART™ Treatment Programs

Helping individuals overcome Scoliosis across the world

scoliosis-bootcamp NYC

A 10-day moderate intensity scoliosis exercise program addressing idiopathic scoliosis starting at 25°. The main goal of this program is to properly determine the type of curvature, risk of progression, and long-term prognosis utilizing ScoliSMART™ exercises. This program is effective at slowing or stopping progression, reducing existing curvature, and stabilizing the spine.

scoliosis-activity-suit NYC

A dynamic exercise program used in combination with outpatient care. The Scoliosis Activity Suit is designed to work with the natural torque of human locomotion.

scolimart-nutritional-support NYC

Our doctors provide supplementation to address neuro-transmitter imbalances in order to support, rebalance, and prevent spinal fatigue during ScoliSMART exercises.

<span style='font-size: 16px!important; line-height: 21px;'><em>“I am a 43 year old who has been dealing with Scoliosis since age 10. In May 2013, I went to Dr. Sid to participate in the 2 week Scoliosis Boot Camp to improve my quality of life and hopefully improve my thoracic curve. When I was initially diagnosed at age 10, I was told wait and see. When my curve worsened, I was a test subject for the unsuccessful Scolitron. Finally, I was told my curve wouldn’t worsen and there was nothing else I could do. Unfortunately, my curve has doubled in severity in 20 years. The day I started with Dr. Sid, my upper curve was 47 degrees and my lower was 34 degrees. With great anticipation I started working with Dr. Sid and his kind and helpful staff. At the end of one week of intensive work I could already feel an improvement in my back and hip pain. Even my posture had improved. I couldn’t wait for the second week to end to hear my prognosis. I was not disappointed! I had improved 17 degrees in two weeks. Now 2 months out I’m still getting comments from friends that I look taller and able to do more activities. I also went from taking Advil several times a week to three times in the last two months. I look forward to my next appointment in a couple of months for continued improvement. I’m also hoping to bring one of my children to determine what kind of treatment she might need too, since she is also starting to show signs of scoliosis.”</em></span></p> <p>– Michelle Vu, Texas
<span style='font-size: 16px!important; line-height: 21px;'><em>“I am an active mature woman suffering from lumbar scoliosis with over 50 degree curvature. The pain and limitations were severely affecting my ability to remain active, happy and practicing as an attorney. I live and work in Dubai, UAE. I had read about the method last year and attended a 2 week intensive Boot Camp with another practitioner last year. I found it very helpful. This year, I planned to be in NY and inquired about Dr Sid’s intensive method program for scoliosis. In addition to providing me with thorough and helpful information, his staff went above and beyond to assist me since I was coming in from overseas. All of the staff were very special people and before ever meeting them, I had built a relationship with those with whom I had been in contact. This gave me a great feeling of confidence before arrival. Upon meeting Dr Sid and his staff the professionalism only continued exponentially. As I had attended a “Boot Camp” the year before, I was somewhat familiar with the regime, but Dr Sid worked with me to find a more suitable exercise program that lessened the intensity of my sciatic pain while working with the weights to build muscle strength around the spine. This is a key component to maintaining spinal correction. He would not give up till he found a method that was most helpful and suitable given my particular factors. Most appreciated! Dr Sid’s experience, skill level and knowledge were highly impressive. His no-nonsense yet empathetic approach was refreshing and reassuring. The 6 hours per day seemed to fly by and I could feel my improvement quite quickly. What I also really appreciated was that Dr Sid’s facility was very modern and up-to-date, for example, with digital x-rays and even providing I-Pads during treatment. He did not overload patient intake so we all got the attention and care we needed. I also appreciated seeing his interaction with other patients in the “Boot Camp” – most of whom were young teens. His rapport and demeanor with them were clearly very special. I had my sincere doubts about the method when I had initially read about it in 2012, but I have found it very helpful and hope the method will continue to work for me in future. It’s hard work and requires discipline — it is not a quick fix — but it is absolutely worth all the time & effort. I look forward to working with Dr Sid and his staff again. I just wish they had a satellite in Dubai 🙂 “</em></span></p> <p>– Virgina Jeker, Dubai UAE
<span style='font-size: 16px!important; line-height: 21px;'><em>“Huge Scoliosis Improvement – When I started at Dr. Sid’s office, I was 78 degrees on the top and 91 on the bottom. Before coming to Dr. Sid, I went to another doctor for two years, who was unable to help me. I began then as 36 degrees on top and 42 on bottom, and gradually became worse and worse until I hit 78 and 91. If Dr. Sid hadn’t worked, I would have been forced to opt for surgery, which was something I was hoping to avoid.</em></span></p> <p><em> However, six weeks later, I improved by twenty-eight degrees, going from 78 on top and 91 on bottom to 67 on top and 74 on bottom, and it’s no wonder why. </em></p> <p><em> Dr. Sid’s office is clean and well-organized. The staff makes sure that there’s never more than a certain number of patients at once to ensure that everyone gets the most out of treatment. At my previous doctor’s office, there was frequently eleven people at once, and it wasn’t unusual to spend two hours in waiting time. However, this never happens at Dr. Sid’s office. </em></p> <p><em> Furthermore, the staff is very friendly as well as knowledgeable and knows what they are doing. They work diligently to make sure that there aren’t any mistakes. At the other place, however, the staff made mistakes fairly often without realizing, which is highly detrimental, and that doesn’t happen here.</em></p> <p><em> Each patient’s program is tailored specifically to his or her needs so as to get the best possible results, which worked for me. Dr. Sid is innovative and open-minded, as well as willing to adopt the most beneficial methods for each patient. He developed a new way of doing the scoliosis traction chair to help me, which really made a difference. Machines like the lumbar decompression table helped a lot as well. </em></p> <p><em> My family and I are very grateful to Dr. Sid and his staff for improving my scoliosis so much. We would recommend him to anyone!”</em></p> <p>– Name Kept Private, New York

Yielding Measurable Results

Avoid surgery and decrease spine curvature.

You’re Invited


Speak personally to Dr. Sid regarding your Scoliosis concerns and goals. If it appears that you may benefit from our ScoliSMART Solutions,

we will be happy to schedule you for a complimentary Phone/ SKYPE consultation.

ScoliSMART™ Nutritional Support

What are neurotransmitters?

Neurotransmitters are chemicals used by our brain to communicate with the rest of the body. To use an analogy, our nervous system is similar to a long stretch of roads and highways. Along various roads we come to a traffic light. These ‘intersections’ or junctions use neurotransmitters to allow nerve communication to continue on down the road, similar to the way a green light allows traffic through, and red tells it to stop. If there aren’t enough ‘green light’ neurotransmitters, the brain cannot effectively communicate with the rest of the body,
thus contributing to neurological symptoms.

How are neurotransmitters checked?

ScoliSMART™ clinics utilize urinalysis testing to look for direct measures of neurotransmitters. Urinalysis is an easy, noninvasive means of collecting this information. A single morning collection of urine is enough to evaluate the most common neurotransmitters.

How are neurotransmitter problems treated?

Since neurotransmitters are created from amino acids, and metabolized by various enzymes, neurotransmitter imbalances can typically be corrected by individualized amino acid and/or enzyme supplementation. Once neurotransmitter imbalances are corrected via supplementation, ongoing maintenance can often be achieved by dietary modification, thus introducing food choices that are rich in specific amino acids or enzymes.

How do neurotransmitter imbalances relate to scoliosis?

Preliminary research suggests that specific neurotransmitter deficiencies may contribute to the development or progression of idiopathic scoliosis. Some neurotransmitters are vital for the maintenance of normal postural control. Therefore, if those neurotransmitters are out of balance, postural control suffers, and therefore may create an environment favorable to the development of scoliosis, or the progression of an existing scoliosis. It is also important to restore normal neurotransmitter levels so that patients may improve their ability to participate in exercise-based scoliosis programs. Since ScoliSMART™ exercises require repetitive stimulation of postural control centers, having normal neurotransmitter levels may help scoliosis patientsget better results from their specifically prescribed ScoliSMART™ exercises.

Is neurotransmitter testing covered by my insurance?

Yes, typically most insurance companies provide for neurotransmitter testing. However, Pharmasan Labs is an out-of-network lab. Please check with your insurance company to ensure out-of-network labs are a covered benefit. Also, for those who are underinsured/uninsured, Pharmasan Labs offers a very reasonable PrePay cash price to run the test.

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