The ankles and feet are important initiators of movement. Proper walking, running, jumping and leaping all begin with and depend upon them functioning well.

When the feet and ankles are not performing at optimal levels, many problems can arise over the long-term. Plantar fasciitis, pinched nerves at the toes, bunions and hammertoes are just a few. Contrary to popular belief, almost all problems in the feet have to do with the central structure – the arch. By addressing the arch, most of the problems listed above can be solved.

One of the most common problems we see in patients’ feet are dropped arches. Several tendons in the feet and lower legs work together to form the arches. When these tendons do not pull properly, the result is a dropping or “flattening” of the feet.

Healthcare providers often recommend orthotics or shoe inserts as a remedy. Trouble is, these methods do not address the problem at the root and the body learns to depend on the orthotics without ever learning how to strengthen what is weak and heal what is hurt.

Weak feet can easily lead to ankle sprains and other injuries. Without proper care, most ankle sprains heal slowly and recur repetitively. If the cycle of straining and temporary healing continues, there is a good chance of scar tissue forming and building up which could greatly comprise the ankle’s range of motion in the future.

At ESPRIT WELLNESS, we make it our primary goal to detect the exact cause of the particular problem with your ankles and feet. We use a highly specialized soft tissue technique called Active Release Technique to ease your pain and get you on track to a rapid recovery, then we put healing in your own hands by teaching you how to exercise appropriately and prevent future occurrences.

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