There are many varieties of hand and wrist pain.

A great deal of patients experience nerve pain, manifesting as numbness or tingling in the fingers, thumb and other areas of the hand due to inflammation. Others suffer from strained fingers due to traumas, falls and the effects of arthritis, and many deal with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful progressive condition caused by compression of a key nerve in the wrist.

A common problem for the hands and wrists is Trigger Finger, wherein the tendon that passes through a finger or thumb joint becomes inflamed. Patients who use their hands often for gripping are more prone to this condition than others. Tell tale signs of trigger finger include stiffness in the finger, clicking sounds during movement, and possible nodule formation at the joints. There may be pain, but then again, there may not. Left untreated, the finger could lose the ability to straighten.

De Quervain’s Disease is another common ailment, similar to trigger finger, but deals exclusively with the thumb. The pain is usually targeted at the base of the thumb and can be aggravated by actions like opening jars, gripping objects and bending at the wrist in the direction of the pinky fingers.

Chronic inflammation in the hands and wrists can lead to scarring. If the condition is not treated effectively and timely, it will most likely worsen.
Conventional treatments for hand and wrist pain include anti-inflammatory medications, rest, heat, and in the most serious cases, steroid injections.

Not so at our clinic.

At ESPRIT WELLNESS, we take a holistic approach. The hand’s movement does not originate in the hand alone, but rather begins at a higher point on the limb – the elbow, shoulder or the center of the body. It could even be initiated as far away as the hips, knees and feet. Therefore, we must take the full body into account when treating hand and wrist pain.

Treating symptoms will never eliminate the cause and results will always be temporary.

At ESPRIT WELLNESS we get to the heart of the problem and treat you from there. Our goal is always lasting results and permanent pain relief.

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