Headaches can be quite a common occurrence for people, yet the degree of pain they cause can vary greatly. For those who live with migraine and tension headaches, the most common types of headaches, the effects can be debilitating.

Migraines (and tension headaches) are commonly believed to form as a result of muscular tension in the neck and scalp. While this often can be true, it is not the only or most accurate cause of the trouble.
At ESPRIT WELLNESS, we are committed to discovering the root of your pain and treating you as the individual you are. Our first step is to take you through a thorough biomechanical examination. Once we have an accurate diagnosis of your condition, we will create a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.
In our vast experience, we have found that another common cause of headaches is nerve entrapment. The neck and scalp have a number of important nerves designed to provide crucial sensory and motor information to the head. Sometimes stress and/or poor posture contribute to muscular imbalances in this area of the body, causing these nerves to get trapped and blocked. This often results in nausea and irritability and certainly in a great deal of pain for the patient.

We are able to pin-point the exact nerve that is causing the discomfort and remove the blockage. We do this with the Active Release Technique, Graston and Physical Therapy, a patented process designed to bring you immediate relief from previous persistent pain.

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