While hip pain can originate at the joint itself, there are numerous structures surrounding the hip that may also be the source of pain. For example, overuse injuries or tightness in the muscle groups of the knees can cause a significant amount of hip pain if left unaddressed.

Our body is designed to self-adjust when it discovers imbalances in itself. When any area in the body becomes inflamed, it can easily transfer pain and problems to its surrounding areas.

The only true path to healing hip pain is to discover the actual root cause and treat it from that place of knowledge.  If we treat symptoms only, the patient’s pain will surely return.

Some common treatment methods for hip pain include heat, ultrasound, and electronic  therapeutic point stimulation (ETPS). While these modalities can create some initial relief for the patient, the effects tend to be somewhat slow and the actual cause of the problems often goes unexamined.

Stretching and conventional soft tissue work are common treatment practices for hip pain as well.  Like the examples given above, they can be effective for treating symptoms, but often do little in the way of promoting long-term healing.  These methods simply are not specific enough to address the problem area that needs the most attention.

With the Active Release Technique (ART), Graston and Physical Therapy we practice at ESPRIT WELLNESS, we are able to locate the exact cause of your hip pain and take steps toward relieving it.

The muscles in our bodies each have their own criteria for working well.  At ESPRIT WELLNESS, we combine the proper diagnosis with hands-on effective treatment to offer you the rapid and complete recovery you deserve.

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