The knee joint is one of the most complicated joints in the body. Its complex structure makes it particularly susceptible to problems and injuries, both in active people and those who live relatively sedentary lives.

In some cases, knee pain occurs due to direct injury or even general “wear and tear.” In other cases, the pain people suffer in their knees is the body’s attempt to compensate for an injury or imbalance somewhere else. Their knee pain could actually be the result of a problem in the foot, ankle, calf, thigh, hip, low back or even as far away as the shoulder.

Traditional therapies for treating knee pain include ice, heat, ultrasound, muscle stimulation and exercise. These methods may offer the patient some initial pain relief, but by themselves they are simply not sufficient to promote a full and lasting recovery. They address the symptoms, but not the cause of the problem.

Many people have found success with knee surgeries; however, most people’s pain, though severe, does warrant surgery. Statistically only 10% of knee pain is structural in nature and therefore not a surgical case.

Basic functions like walking and running depend upon the knee joint performing well. When patients are unable to participate in these basic activities, and surgery is not an option, it is common for them to feel hopeless and limited.

At ESPRIT WELLNESS, we take a holistic approach to healing. When a patient comes to us with knee pain, we make sure to evaluate his or her entire body. We know that all knee problems are not the same, and often the cause of knee pain lies somewhere other than the knee itself. We are committed to discovering the true cause of what ails you, and with that knowledge, creating a plan to relieve it permanently.

Helping you get back to the life and activities you enjoy most is our primary goal.

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