Our modern day lifestyles put a great deal of strain on our bodies. Many of us work long hours at a desk where we may slouch over a keyboard or sink improperly into our chairs. We don’t always sleep in the most restorative postures available to us either. And few of us escape the overall on-going effects of stress.

Over time, these postural problems and stresses can accumulate and cause us physical pain, particularly in the neck. Even the fun activities of life like painting, cycling, athletics, and the playing of some musical instruments can create neck pain if not executed safely.

Neck pain is rarely independent from headaches. They seem to go hand in hand, the reason being that muscular pain often transfers to corresponding areas of the body. For example, neck pain can turn into a headache. It can also travel down and create trouble for the mid-back. Sometimes, pain that starts in the neck can extend as far down as the arms and fingers.

The neck is very susceptible to injury and must be protected. It contains the cervical spine, an incredibly important part of your body, and the area of the spine that boasts the largest range of movement. An enormous number of nerves pass through this area (more than any other body part) and our overall mobility depends on it functioning well. In fact, the movement of the shoulders, arms, even the fingers all begin in the neck. The musculature of the neck is also closely linked to the quality of our breathing.

Pain in the neck is a warning sign and is not to be ignored.

When neck pain is ignored, we run the risk of our bodies building up further muscle tightnesses and eventual scar tissues. Unchecked, these conditions could continue to progress and lead to intervertebral disc problems, arthritis and other debilitating diseases.

There is no reason to go through life with chronic neck pain. Nor is there a reason to cut out the activities that bring you joy. Call us today for an examination and together we’ll create a treatment plan that works for you. We’ll get you on the path to feeling better…in no time.

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