Shoulder pain is extremely prevalent today.  It can be brought on by a variety of conditions and its severity can range from the minor to the debilitating. Common causes of shoulder pain include: arthritis, deltoid bursitis, frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis), impingement syndrome, tendonitis and tendonosis, and rotator cuff syndrome.

The shoulder has an amazing range of mobility. Many of the basic movements of life, like lifting, reaching and throwing depend upon the shoulder joint and the rotator cuff functioning well. (The rotator cuff is the name for the group of small muscles responsible for stabilizing the shoulder joint). When our patients suffer from any of the conditions listed above, they inevitably suffer from decreased range of motion as well. This often leads to a decrease in physical activity, and for our athletic patients, this can be especially difficult.

Many of our older patients experience shoulder pain due to falls and the effects of degenerative diseases like arthritis. The common injuries we see with our middle-aged patients are rotator cuff syndrome and frozen shoulder, usually a result of repetitive and improper movements. And, as many muscles bridge the neck and the shoulders, all of our patients suffering shoulder trauma are at risk of neck injuries as well.
Our primary goal at ESPRIT WELLNESS is to get our patients back in the flow of the activities they love while keeping them far away from the surgeon’s knife.

Conventional approaches to treating shoulder pain, such as electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), heat, ultrasound, stretching exercises, and general soft-tissue work can certainly be effective. However, many of these treatment methods simply don’t address injuries specifically enough to offer you the thorough and speedy recovery you deserve. They may treat symptoms and provide temporary pain relief, but they do not seek out and address the cause of the problem.

We are committed to discovering the root of your shoulder pain and creating a plan to permanently eliminate it.

We do this first by analyzing your individual case with a thorough biomechanical examination. Then, we are able to design a unique treatment plan for you, which often utilizes Active Release Technique (ART), Graston and Physical Therapy, a soft tissue technique that targets and removes the exact cause of your pain, providing you with instant and lasting relief.

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