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Dr. Mona Tsutsui


Dr. Mona Tsutsui, PT, DPT, sees and addresses the whole of you during her thorough, personalized and dynamic 45-minute+ one-on-one Physical Therapy sessions with you. Proficient in manual therapy, Dr. Tsutsui, skillfully applies myofascial release techniques, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and cupping.

A Pilates certified teacher, Dr. Tsutsui, actively engages with you utilizing Pilates exercise and apparatus in her Physical Therapy sessions, in conjunction with other forms of exercise, to rehab, strengthen, and train your body resulting in a stronger and resilient YOU, thereby decreasing your risk of injuries. The result: You heal better, faster, feeling stronger and more confident with movement in your daily life. With her extensive knowledge of human anatomy and advocacy for functional movement, she inspires you to move more, train safer, achieve measurable outcomes, and adopt positive lifestyle changes in your life.

Dr. Tsutsui, is passionate about Dance and the Performing Arts. Given her dance background in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, AND music background in piano and violin, Dr. Tsutsui, enjoys a huge following within NYC’s Broadway industry providing services backstage and in clinic. She welcomes connecting with clients about their interests in the Arts and hopes to continue to expand her reach for people in the Dance and Performing Arts community.