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Shannon Gorman


Shannon Gorman, DPT, CSCS, earned her doctoral degree from NYU.

Shannon approaches each treatment session emphasizing the whole person in front of her. She pays particular attention to each patient’s core stability and partners with you to restore muscular balance, decrease muscular restrictions and build muscular strength.

Shanon is skilled in manual therapy techniques, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, therapeutic exercises, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and customized home management exercise programs and strategies. Shannon prides herself on using this effective and personalized approach with all patients.

Shannon’s love of human movement and injury prevention began at a young age. She grew up competing on a nationally ranked synchronized skating team and then at the University of Delaware Synchronized Skating team’s collegiate level. Her team earned a national silver medal in 2012. Shannon has continued to pursue and share her love of synchronized skating as the assistant coach of Central Park Ice, Inc. here in New York City.

Her clinical expertise and experience are in the field of sports medicine. Shannon has experience working as a physical therapist with populations of all ages and diverse athletic backgrounds. Shannon prides herself on her diverse background of clinical settings. She has gained valuable skills and knowledge from her time spent working with patients experiencing both orthopedic and neurologic conditions. Of note, these include: post-operative rehab of total joint arthroplasties and soft tissue repairs, benign paroxysmal position vertigo, upper and lower extremity radiculopathies, and post-concussion syndrome. Shannon recognizes many of these diagnoses can occur simultaneously, and she strives to rehabilitate the “whole patient”, not just the “hole in the patient”, from the start of their time to their finish at Esprit Wellness.