By: Dr. Aatif Siddiqui

Recently, at an International College of Integrative Medicine conference in Atlanta, medical professionals from around the country gathered to discuss current research and developments in the field of integrative medicine. Though the conference was based around ailments of the gut, the speakers quickly demonstrated that, when it comes to human ailments and illnesses, our bodies cannot be isolated into individual parts. When we’re healthy, the parts of our body work together, as a beautiful whole. But when there’s something wrong with the gut, there’s often something wrong with the brain, heart, or lungs, too. Integrative medicine aims not just to treat the isolated symptoms of an ailment or illness, but to ensure the patient’s entire well-being.

One of the conference’s first speakers, Donald Dennis, M.D., shared some little known, but fascinating facts: the air you breathe is five times more important to your health than any medical care you seek, including doctor’s visits and medication; and the air you breathe is twice as important to your overall health as your genetic code. Nearly 60% of all preventable deaths are, in some way, related to air quality.

Does this surprise you? If so, you’re like most people, who never stop and consider just how important the air you breathe is to your overall health.

Clean air doesn’t just mean the air outside, which can be affected by pollution – it also includes the air inside your home or office. One of the most serious health risks, which people rarely consider, is mold in your home or office. Mold colonies can grow hidden for years, leading to persistent, serious health problems.

The technical name for such a fungal infection is mycotoxicosis. This can lead to even more serious complications, such as blockages in the lungs or sinuses, infections in your lymph nodes, or chronic inflammation, which can lead to heart disease or blood clots.

Like many disorders, new technology and research has shown that the best approach to treating mycotoxicosis is a comprehensive treatment plan that ultimately uses the body’s own healing powers, in conjunction with the medical industry’s newest technological advancements.

The first step in treating any sort of fungal infection is a step that will benefit every aspect of your health: make sure the air you breathe is clean. Depending on where you live, there’s only so much you can do about the air outside your home – but inside, you can carry out an inspection, to make sure there are no hidden mold colonies lurking in your house. Having clean air inside will benefit almost every system in your body. It will help your brain function better, ensure that your sinuses aren’t blocked, and help prevent the chronic inflammation that can lead to heart disease and blood clots.

Along with clean air, treating mycotoxicosis involves antibiotics, saline sinus sprays, and a healthy, low-carb diet. This integrative, comprehensive approach to fungal infections is a good guideline for treating almost any illness or ailment. To be truly healthy, your whole body needs to be in good shape. This has always been Esprit Wellness’s approach to treating you. Instead of managing symptoms, Esprit Wellness believes that you have to treat the root cause of your aliments – and that means ensuring that the extraordinary systems of the human body are able to function in concert with each other.