Proper sleep and rest are crucial to our health. We need to have at least 6 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep at night to rejuvenate our body for the day ahead. When we sleep properly each night, we allow our body to rest completely, thus eliminating stress and reducing the risk of detrimental body illnesses like heart strokes and cancer.

Sleep also allows your body to make natural make repairs caused by harmful external factors like too much sun exposure and exposure to contaminants. In addition, it also enhances our memory, makes our body more alert, and increases our life expectancy.

With all these benefits, it is important for back pain patients to have adequate sleep every night. But, given the pain and discomfort experienced they experience, are they actually getting quality sleep?

According to the research found in American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, sleep disturbance is more common among individuals experiencing chronic low back pain. Those who suffer from lower back pain and continually use sleep medication often experience sleep disturbance.

The research was conducted on 268 lower back pain patients who had stayed over 6 months at a tertiary medical center. Based on the research findings, sleep is significantly disturbed and shows through signs of restlessness or light sleep after the pain starts, even despite the use of pain medication.

The study concluded that while sleep is greatly disturbed by chronic low back pain, it is crucial that proper sleep should be included in pain management. To help treat and deal with chronic low back pain, see a chiropractor for safe and effective treatments. NY Chiropractic offers up-to-date and guaranteed treatment on lower back pain that can assure you safe and noninvasive procedures with less recuperation time.

Source: American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, May 2006, volume 85;issue 5;pages 430-435.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness