Nutrition Wellness: Truth about supplements

As nutrition wellness advocates, ESPRIT WELLNESS encourages you to turn to a diet of nutrient rich foods to ensure optimal nutrition. However, clients suffering from specific conditions, feel that their circumstance require extra support that supplements may provide. With hundreds of different brands circulating in the near 30-billion-dollar supplement industry, there’s definitely something to be said for quality. At ESPRIT WELLNESS we place an emphasis on quality in anything you’re ingesting, we encourage you to choose your supplements carefully. We encourage you to tune in to your body and identify when you might be needing additional support, then make an intuitive, informed decision from there. We discourage ingesting anything on autopilot, just because someone told you to, or because you feel it’s the norm. Ideally, your nutrition and lifestyle should support your needs.

Signs & symptoms that may indicate that supplements may benefit you:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog or hair loss
  • Diagnosable disease or condition that puts your system at a disadvantage
  • Long-term vegan with low energy
  • High-stress lifestyle
  • Digestive issues
  • Thyroid condition

If you have any of these conditions or ailments, you may want to ask our doctors about carefully experimenting with one or two supplements at a time. See if you notice any differences, keep the placebo effect in mind, and be honest with yourself.

There’s no instant solution, just experimentation and tangible reactions. Avoid overanalyzing scientific studies and opinion pieces and listen to your own body. Improve your diet first.  We can help you with that!  Food has an impact on everything, and what you’re putting in your mouth should be optimized before turning to supplements. Nothing is a magic solution or bandage. Avoid using supplements as an excuse to not give your body nutrient-rich foods or ignore your internal signals. Many people don’t want to face their food and do the work to figure out what brings them into balance, so they turn to supplements and medications for quick fixes. Vitamins might be appropriate in some situations, but food comes first.

Healthy Regards, Marlene

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