Many patients are afraid of trying alternative treatments to surgery when treating their back and spine conditions because they have a lot of misconceptions about how they work.  This commonly happens with chiropractic care, for example, but by debunking some of the myths and learning more about the realities of how it works, patients quickly become at ease with  chiropractic care.

Below are some of the common myths about chiropractic care and the truth behind them:

Myth #1 – Chiropractic care is too expensive.

Chiropractic care is not only effective at treating back and spine conditions, but it is also cost-effective because it does not require any form of surgery or medication.  Patients find themselves owing larger sums of money for surgical procedures because they must pay for their hospitalization, examination, doctor’s fees, anesthesia, and other related expenses. Similarly, drug treatments usually require taking medicine over an extended period of time, thus robbing of more money that what it would cost you to make periodic visits to the chiropractor.

NY Chiropractic ensures that chiropractic care treatments are significantly cheaper than surgery and drug treatments.

Myth #2 – Chiropractic care is painful.

Since no incisions occur during the treatments, patients will feel minimal or no pain. In fact, patients will actually feel relieved after undergoing chiropractic treatment because it will produce some of the same relaxing sensations as a massage.

Chiropractor NYC helps patients feel at ease before and during treatment and works with kids who are often afraid of the pain they worry they may experience.

Myth #3 – Chiropractic care has negative side effects and is dangerous.

Chiropractic care is known as the safest treatment available for back and spinal conditions.  Unlike surgery, where patients are likely to experience chronic pain and bleeding, chiropractic care involves techniques that relax the body during treatment, avoid incisions, and result in no side effects afterwards.

Myth #4 – Chiropractors are not real doctors.

In order to practice and treat, a chiropractor must obtain proper certification, which involves extensive training and education. With their medical certifications, trainings, and educational backgrounds, chiropractors are indeed real doctors, who specialize in offering safe and effective alternative treatments.

Myth #5 – Chiropractic care is not scientific.

Various research on chiropractic care has proven that the chiropractic is backed by real science. Methods and techniques continue to evolve as new research is conducted on different techniques, and the field continues to provide safe and effective alternative treatments to patients dealing with back and spinal issues.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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