Scoliosis patients often suffer from excruciating pain in their lower back due to the improper alignment of their spinal column. It is not uncommon for the pain to become so intense that the person must stop their work because they can only focus on what they are feeling. This can lead to a lack of productivity and sometimes even put the person’s job at risk as a result.

Investing in a good office chair is one way to manage the pain brought about by scoliosis. Regular office chairs may not always provide the right ergonomics needed to make the body feel comfortable and at ease while working. Special chairs with the right specifications help ensure that you can sit properly with good back support and the right alignment between your hands and desk.

In order to find the right chair for you, here are some guidelines you can follow:

  • Make sure your chair has a backrest. The most important part of the body at this point is the lower back, and this area needs to feel comfortable and well supported. Be sure to find a chair with a good back rest that can be adjusted to varying heights and that has an outward curve for added support to your lower back. The outward curve will fill the gap between the chair and the lumbar area, so it will not easily strain during longer periods of sitting.
  • Your chair must have an elbow support or armrest. This will keep your arms and elbows from getting too tense after working at your desk for a long time. In addition, an armrest will also provide support to your arms while you move them. Armrests should be fairly soft and positioned at a right angle with adjustable height.
  • Make sure your knees are bent at a right angle. A good chair must also keep your feet flat on the floor, so your knees and legs remain comfortable.  If necessary, you can add a footrest to elevate your feet.
  • Add a cushion on top of your seat for added comfort. Just make sure that the cushion is not too soft or that it can slide easily when you move.
  • Choose an adjustable chair. It is important that the height of your chair be adjustable, so you are comfortable and in a proper position regardless of which table you’re sitting at. Your eyes must look straight to your computer when you sit down, and your arms should rest gently on your table or armrest.

Aside from investing in a good chair, scoliosis patients also need to obtain regular chiropractic care to properly treat their scoliosis condition.  Chiropractic New York offers a multitude of non-invasive treatment options and would be happy to help you find the best one for your condition.