Bodily injuries incurred through accidents, extreme physical activity, and falling almost always result in pain. Sometimes the pain becomes so intense that we find ourselves unable to move properly and, as a result, become dependent on assistive devices or other people to help us move effectively.

The primary goal of undergoing treatment after an injury is to gain back the independence that your body is accustomed to having. You want to sit, stand, and walk without having to use any devices or lean on other people to make that happen. In other words, independence means free mobility.

Physical therapy is one effective way to regain that independence. Not only does the series of sessions provide a way for the body to naturally heal itself, but it also helps you to gradually let your body do the work on its own.  Though you may sometimes need the help of other people as and devices initially, physical therapy procedures will gradually reduce the need for that assistance. After several sessions, patients find themselves being able to better move their injured areas or put more weight on them.

Aside from the physical independence you can achieve, physical therapy is also a viable treatment for independent progress and lifestyle change. Ideally, exercises are not only done inside the clinic, but also at home, which usually ends up reducing the number of visitations, and therefore the costs, because the body heals faster.

Physical Therapy New York offers physical therapy treatments that guarantee independence after several sessions. Patients can be assured that while physical therapy may take a longer time than surgical procedures to cure the condition, they are much safer and often more effective, allowing patients to ultimately return to their normal lifestyle faster.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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