For people who experience back pain, finding immediate and consistent relief is a top priority. One of the most effective and safe ways to do that is through a physical therapy, which involves a series of exercises to make the muscles and joint more flexible. Physical therapy also enhances the body’s condition to naturally heal itself, thereby producing a gradual cure to even the most serious spinal disorders.

When a patient goes through physical therapy exercises, it is important for him or her to know what to expect  and to find ways to maximize the benefits of the treatment. There are several ways in which undergoing physical therapy exercise can provide pain relief, and it often requires help from the patient.

  • Do your exercise assignments at home. Your physical therapy sessions are usually not daily, so you need to work your body while at home to be able to continuously flex it and constantly reduce the pain. Your physical therapist will assign a series of exercises for you to do at home so make sure to do them.
  • Eat right. Certain foods are conducive to alleviating pain and also give the body the proper nutrients it needs to successfully perform each exercise. Proper diet goes hand in hand with exercise, not only for maintaining a healthy body weight, but also for pain relief and healing. Ask your physical therapist which kinds of food they would recommend based on your condition.
  • Find encouragement and motivation. You will need some inspiration and motivation from the people you love. Exercise therapy can be daunting due to the hard work involved. Some patients give up easily, but with the right encouragement, you can pace yourself.
  • Know what to expect. Physical therapy exercises are hard at times, especially in the beginning. Knowing what to expect will help you condition your mind and body for what lies ahead. Expect some discomfort at first, but know it will eventually subside.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness