Scoliosis is the abnormal curvature of the spine, which is typically instigated by too much stress on the spine as well as physical injuries. Patients who are suffering from mild to severe scoliosis may be experiencing complications such as chronic pain and physical deformity. Nevertheless, despite the spinal disorder, scoliosis patients should always aim to live their lives as normally as possible.

Living a perfectly “normal” life with scoliosis is actually ideal given the positive perspective it provides to the patients. If they can live their life like any other person without scoliosis, then scoliosis patients will be more optimistic in their situation and not initiate in self-deprecating thoughts which may add additional stress to their body – which can worsen their condition. Though scoliosis should not become a hindrance in achieving a normal daily life, there are certain activities that scoliosis patients need to avoid in order to prevent further progression of their curve.

The stress of undertaking too much physical activity will only lead to the progression of the spine. Scoliosis patients should avoid movement that requires heavy lifting as it aggravates the spine, causing pain on the lower back. As much as possible, patients should keep their backs more relaxed than the average person in order to offset the pain and the possible worsening of their spinal curvature.

Bending, twisting and using more of your back muscles will only worsen your spinal condition since the back muscles are supporting the spine. Movements like these involve activities like certain types of dancing dancing, bending over to pick something up off of the floor, and sports which requires twisting of your back like golf and tennis. These activities may risk further progression of the spine given that the back muscles are assuming a lot of weight.

Finally, undertaking activities that leads to possible exhaustion such as lengthy running are not advisable to a scoliosis patient. Since the spine rotates, it gradually deforms the rib cage, which can compromise the lungs. With this risk, difficulty of breathing is more likely to occur in a scoliosis patient.

Though these activities may need to be avoided in most cases, it is still best to talk with you chiropractor about the things that you need to avoid and the things that you can do. Esprit Wellness, Manhattan based Chiropractors,provides scoliosis patients with useful and details information on the activities they need to avoid. It is important to get to know these things so patients can live their lives as normally as possible.

-Dr Sid
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