For parents who have children with scoliosis, the abnormal curvature of their spine has long caused worry. The truth is that scoliosis can do more than cause a physical deformity; it can also cause health problems and physical back pain and, most importantly, hinder the growth of the child.

Traditionally, if parents wanted to ensure their child’s spinal curvature was corrected, the most common form of scoliosis treatment was surgery. Even though surgery can correct the patient’s spinal deformity, there are still a number of threatening complications that can not only cause the patient to suffer for a long time, but can also hamper their chances of having a normal lifestyle. That said, if it is possible for a patient to avoid scoliosis surgery and the risks of hemorrhaging and chronic back pain, they should.
So, what can a person do to avoid having open back scoliosis surgery?

One effective way to prevent the worsening of scoliosis is to diagnose it early. If parents suspect their child could be developing scoliosis, they should take them to be diagnosed by a chiropractor immediately, so their condition can be analyzed and treatment can begin right away. Surgery is usually recommended once a person’s scoliosis condition has degenerated so significantly that there aren’t any other options. By diagnosing scoliosis early, you can prevent the condition from worsening and avoid reaching that point.

Of course, in order for parents to know if they should take their child in to be checked, they must understand what to look for. Physical signs include observable curvature of the spinal area and abnormal posture. Children who have families with a history of scoliosis should be screened at an early age, regardless of whether there are physical signs or not. The earlier a child is checked, the better, so treatment can be initiated to prevent the condition from worsening.

At the onset of scoliosis, it is important for a patient to learn about and understand the alternative treatments to back surgery that are available in addition to surgery. Nowadays, there are a number of scoliosis treatments that are more advanced, less invasive, and provide higher success rates than traditional methods like surgery and full torso bracing (though, even back braces themselves are becoming more effective, less complicated, and more convenient for patients). In addition, there are specific exercises that patients can do to help prevent the curvature of the spine from getting worse.

Open back surgery is no longer the automatic default treatment for scoliosis. Educate yourself about Open back surgery and discuss them with your chiropractor to determine what is best suited to your condition and will allow you to live your life as normally as possible.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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