Many students often complain of a chronic pain in their lower back every time they study. When they read books and work on their computers, the pain can sometimes be so bothersome that it causes them to stop studying because they can’t concentrate.  Back pain in students must be treated as soon as possible, not only because it affects their ability to perform, but also because prolonged strain can lead to spinal issues.

To help students avoid back pain while studying, here are a few study habit tips:

  • When working on the computer, position the screen at or just below eye level. This reduces strain in the neck and eyes. The lower back should also have support, especially during long research hours, so place a rolled-up towel or a small pillow behind your back.
  • Work in a well-lit environment. Not only will this reduced eye strain, but it will also help you achieve proper posture while studying.
  • Use book stands while reading. This will properly align your book with your eye level, therefore reducing strain in your neck. When you read while lying down or hovering over a book lying flat on a table, you place a lot f strain on both your neck and your shoulders.
  • Take study breaks. This applies to students of all ages, including college.  Parents often force kids to dedicate a couple of uninterrupted hours to studying. Though this can help them concentrate on their studies more, it can also cause strain on the back and lead to possible pain due to remaining in the same position for so long.  Study breaks are important so they can stretch and change positions.  It also helps refresh their mental energy and focus.

NY Chiropractic helps patients achieve proper posture in order to avoid back pain. Once back pain occurs, proper treatment is required to avoid worsening of the spinal condition and bring back the normal lifestyle of the patient.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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