When it comes to scoliosis and other types of abnormal spinal conditions, most patients immediately turn to spinal surgery. This is because patients believe that spinal surgery can provide them instantaneous relief and cure them of their debilitating condition. However, many patients also often assume that there is no other way, when, in reality, there is.

These days, there are many alternative treatment options for spinal conditions, which makes it easier to avoid spinal surgery. There are safer, non-invasive techniques that patients can choose to pursue instead of defaulting to the risks and highly-invasive nature of surgery. Now, patients don’t have to worry about a large scar on their back, the pain they have to go through, or the high costs they have to incur.

Spinal surgery carries a number of risks that may complicate a patient’s condition rather than provide relief. The pain a patient endures after the highly-invasive procedure is quite intense. There are many instances in which patients suffer recurring pain even after the surgery, and sometimes a second surgery is needed. In addition, there are possible complications of extreme blood loss during surgery and failed procedures.

With the alternative treatments that are available, patients can choose from a wider range of options when it comes to treating their condition. For instance, physical therapy isn’t just for post-surgery recovery. It is also an ideal option for continually treating mild scoliosis. A physical therapist can work with a patient to make sure that the pain is alleviated while gradually bringing the patient’s body movements back to a normal state.

Scoliosis patients can contact a CLEAR Scoliosis Center, which will be able to provide safer and more comfortable treatments for dealing with the condition. Spinal adjustments through exercises and posture work help to reduce the progression of spinal curvature.

Other spinal problems like sciatica, herniated discs, and bulging discs can be addressed through spinal decompression and flexion distraction. These noninvasive techniques decompress the discs, realign the spine, and release pressure in the injured areas. Patients are able to find relief and restore the proper functioning of their nerves.

NY Chiropractic offers all of these alternative treatments for spinal problems. Treatments are guaranteed safe and effective, and they are a great option for patients who want to avoid the complications that accompany spinal surgery.

-Dr Sid
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