If you love to watch extreme sports, then you’re probably familiar with how much stress rowers and skiers have on their backs. You would think that the constant use of their backs to row a boat or maneuver through mountains would eventually lead to constant pain in their lumbar area.  Fortunately, however, that is not always the case. Despite the constant stress placed on their backs, rowers and skiers are less likely to experience lower back pain, as was found in a recent study by the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences in Oslo. The study was posted in the American Journal of Sports Medicine and concluded that endurance athletes are often less likely to have back pain, compared to individuals who are non-athletes.

According to the research, the reason is because they flex and extend their spines in a more regular and consistent way.  However, the researchers also suggested that these athletes actually increase their chances of lower back pain if they have a previous history of back pain or if they are involved in overly rigorous training. Athletes that working too much, especially prior to a big competition, can essentially overextend their bodies and put themselves at greater risk of injury.  On the other hand, people who are inactive are likely to experience back pain, so the solution is to stay active, but in a moderate way.

Whether you explore different physical activities or tend to stay at home, doing either excessively puts you at a greater risk of experiencing back pain.  But, keep in mind that early and appropriate treatment for back pain helps prevent the condition from worsening. If you are looking for proper treatment for your back pain, Chiropractor NYC offers safe and effective procedures without the added complications or side effects of surgery.

Source: Am J Sports Med, November 2012, 40 2610-2616.

-Dr Sid
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