Back pain is a common body condition with causes mostly attributed to bodily injuries and accidents. However, there are also instances in which back pain is influenced by an unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking too much, poor posture, or sitting behind a desk for more than six hours.

Knowing the causes of back pain helps to identify the primary source of pain in your own lower back, so you can begin treating it.  But, what about pain that has just unexpectedly started?  Is the spontaneous onset of back pain common?

Spontaneous onset is body pain that occurs without any reason or a prevalent cause. Back pain is a common type of pain that has spontaneous onset. According to a study in The Clinical Journal of Pain, about 67% of patients seeking back pain treatment have back pain that occurred spontaneously. About 9.8% of the patients that were required to report a cause of their back pain failed to identify the cause.  The study also pointed out that, based on the natural history of back pain, several reports show that spontaneous recovery occurs 8-12 weeks after the onset of back pain.

Chiropractor NYC believes that, despite having unknown causes, back pain can be treated effectively and in a safe way using noninvasive techniques. Physical therapy, spinal decompression, and active release technique are some of the back pain treatments guaranteed to alleviate the symptoms of pain and help promote natural healing in the body.

Source: The Clinical Journal of Pain, June 1998:volume 14:issue 2:pages 129-133.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness