Muscle injuries and muscle pressure can cause a lot of pain in the body.  They are often caused by overexertion in your body, which usually happens while doing physical activities.  The strain and constant tension felt in specific parts of your body can become so debilitating that they can actually disrupt your normal activities.

Active Release Technique, ART, is a massage technique that effectively deals with injuries and damage to your soft tissues. Soft tissues in your body include muscles, tendons, nerves, and the fascia around your muscles.  Soft tissue injuries usually involve chronic back pain, muscle sprains, joint dysfunction, knee problems, or shin splits. ART utilizes a highly effective and specially designed massage therapy to restore proper motion and function to the soft tissues.

It is always best to research treatment option before you move forward with them, so you know what to expect.   Understanding the benefits offered by ART will help you decide whether or not you want to pursue such a process.

So, what are the benefits of Active Release Technique?

First, it will reduce the injury in the affected soft tissue by increasing the optimal function of the tissue and bringing back flexibility. This will also help in preventing future injuries. With reduced injury and tension, soft tissues start to heal and become healthier. ART enables the muscles to heal naturally and brings them back to their normal condition.

ART also lessens the pain of an injury, thus allowing the patient to begin doing daily physical activities again. In addition to relieving the pain immediately surrounding the injury, it also helps to alleviate related headaches.

More strength and mobility are also achieved when undergoing ART. Patients experience increased flexibility in their muscles, and nerves that have been damaged are mended to prevent more serious problems later.  Specific soft tissue problems are also addressed using ART, and nerve entrapments are treated by reducing tension in the affected area.

NY Chiropractic offers Active Release Technique to patients with soft tissue problems and ensures proper treatment and care during and after the process. Patients receive personal consultations to be sure they receive the techniques that are best suited to their needs.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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