Chiropractic Care is known to help women during their pregnancy. Carrying a fetus for nine months puts a lot of strain on a mother’s bank, so regular visits to the chiropractor help alleviate the back pain caused by that additional weight.

However, chiropractic care does more than just help a pregnant woman endure the pain during pregnancy. Research shows that chiropractic care can also help in labor and delivery. Expectant mothers who have been through chiropractic care during their pregnancy are likely to be in labor for fewer hours than those who have not. In addition, they also experience smoother, less complicated deliveries.

Chiropractor Manhattan offers chiropractic services specifically designed for pregnant women. Aside from adjusting their bodies to help them endure back pain during pregnancy, Chiropractor NYC also adjusts their pelvic region to help prepare them for an easy delivery and reduce the possibility of a Caesarean section.

During pregnancy, the pelvic region of a pregnant woman can become misaligned, which can cause difficulty during birth. Proper chiropractic care relaxes the pelvic area, so it is easier for the fetus to come out. More importantly, proper pelvic adjustments during pregnancy can help set the fetus in the proper position, so it comes out normally rather than breech or posterior. When the child comes out head first and facing the mother’s spine, the delivery will be more comfortable and faster. A breech baby or a posterior baby usually requires a Caesarean section.

Back pain is very common among pregnant women, but with the proper chiropractic care, it can not only be managed during pregnancy, but also during labor and delivery.

-Dr Sid
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