Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and beautiful experiences in a woman’s life.  However, it is also a very sensitive and physically strenuous time.  It is therefore important for every pregnant woman to remain fit and maintain a healthy body during her pregnancy in order to supply her baby with the proper nutrients and experience a normal, complication-free delivery.

Physical therapy is one of the effective treatments for aiding a woman during her pregnancy. Exercise and massage treatments during a physical therapy session help to strengthen the body and make it more functional and fit to sustain the growing fetus.

Women experience bodily pain during pregnancy, particularly in their backs.  Although one of the most common reasons pregnant women experience back pain is that they are carrying additional weight, there are actually a number of other reasons as well.  For instance, the added stress on a woman’s body coupled with a lack of physical activity can add to the pain of carrying a baby.  There are also cases in which pregnant women experience frequent pain due to their body posture.

Physical therapy can significantly reduce pregnant women’s back pain through exercise and massage therapy. Certain types of exercise help build muscle strength, especially in the hips and back, which allows pregnant women to better carry their babies. It also helps to contribute to a successful delivery and easy recovery.

Physical Therapy New York offers a series of treatments designed to assist pregnant women to pass through the physically challenging stages of pregnancy more successfully and safely. Exercises are specially designed for the delicate condition of pregnant women to ensure that treatments are implemented properly efficiently. Working with Physical Therapy NYC will provide you with consistent effective treatments both before and after delivery.

-Dr Sid
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