Many people today suffer from the joint disorder known as arthritis. It results from the inflammation of your joints, and it occurs in varying degrees, but the most common symptom that people experience is pain in the areas that are effected.

There are several treatment options for arthritis, with the most common methods including medication, physical therapy, and, in more sever cases, surgery. People with mild cases of arthritis usually resort to medication as a way to treat the symptoms without interfering with their busy daily schedules. People with more severe cases of arthritis frequently opt for surgery in order to obtain immediate relief. So, who are the people who go to physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a series of physical activities that primarily help to improve joint functioning in the body. Unfortunately, a lot people are less open to physical therapy because it requires a time commitment, which they feel would be an inconvenience, and they, therefore, fail to realize the benefits that it offers. If more arthritis patients were willing to explore physical therapy treatments, they would quickly realize that they not only relieve pain, but they also offer longer term benefits that would help them live a more normal life.

One of the main goals of physical therapy is to enhance the condition of your joints, so you can do things like you did before minus the joint pain. The physical exercises help preserve a wide range of motion that allows you to continue to participate in activities normally without any difficulty. Moreover, muscles are strengthened to support the affected joint, which helps to prevent further degeneration of the disorder.

If you are overweight, physical therapy will not only help you obtain relief from arthritis pain, but it will also help you lose weight, which will reduce stress on your joints. In addition, there are techniques that teach you how to monitor your pain levels, so you can adjust your movements in ways that will minimize the pain.

Esprit Wellness’ physical therapy in New York City offers a wide range of physical therapy programs to assist people with varying levels of arthritis. Our New York based physical therapy will be able to help you determine which physical therapy will work best for your body and arthritis condition, as well as your time and cost allotments. We can show you how to move your affected joints in ways that will prevent pain, which allows you to function more comfortably in your day to day activities. We can also show you how to make use of walking aids, like walkers or canes, if they are necessary.

One of the great things about Esprit Wellness is that the exercises we teach you offer relief to your arthritis condition without requiring medication or surgery. Furthermore, you will be provided with valuable information about arthritis, such as its causes, which allows your to properly treat it and prevent it from developing in other areas of your body.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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