Exercise is one of the many ways for a person to stay healthy and fit. The rigorous movement of the body enables it to eliminate excess fat and stimulate and strengthen the muscles, bones, and nerves. However, for some people, exercise is too painful and strenuous, and it causes them to give up.  Fortunately, a whole body vibration is one alternative solution for people who want the benefits of more intense exercise without putting forth increased effort.

Whole body vibration is an exercise treatment in which a special kind of vibrating machine is used to vibrate the entire body.  A person simply lies down on the machine, turns it on, and begins to feel the vibration throughout their body. It causes the sensation of exercising without having to walk, run, or move your arms or waist.

Normally, whole body vibration is used in the fitness sector; however, due to its results, people in the health sector have begun using it as a treatment option as well.  Now, the technique is also used for rehabilitation and physical therapy.  Whole body vibration helps to promote muscle strength, which serves as an effective cure for musculoskeletal conditions. In addition, it also helps to maintain bone health, and those who undergo the treatment experience stronger bones, enhanced bone density, and even increased prevention of bone diseases such as osteoporosis.  Furthermore, whole body vibration helps athletes by preventing injuries and aiding in the rehabilitation process.

New York Physical Therapy offers an unique whole body vibration platform that guarantees a more effective vibration than other types of similar platforms. New York Chiropractic also provides three added features for patients who want to undergo the whole body vibration technique. First, the benefits to the whole body are not limited to fitness and strength training because they correct posture and spinal abnormalities as well.  Second, they also provide a platform with fixed frequency and amplitude, based on research and clinical trial.  And third, the whole body vibration platform utilizes an off-set rotating cam design that can provide vibration in three-dimensions.

-Dr Sid
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