People who suffer from scoliosis often experience more difficulties in their body than just the abnormal curvature of their spine. They also experience pain in the back and around the spinal column, headaches, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and constant fatigue.  With all of these complications, psychological problems such as mood swings and feelings of low self-confidence can also arise.

For people with scoliosis, treatment is not optional – some sort of action must be taken to address the condition and prevent further degeneration.  Scoliosis surgery, however, may not always be a practical option because it is highly invasive, expensive, and carries a lot of risks.  So, people are finding alternative ways to deal with their condition.

Yoga is an alternative approach for helping to reduce the pain caused by small curve scoliosis. Yoga for Scoliosis involves physical movements and positions that help regulate breathing and achieve mental focus. The primary benefit of yoga is that it helps ease a patient’s pain by specifically addressing the effected muscles.  Yoga stretches and strengthen the muscles, which in turn increases their support to the spinal column.  This alleviates pressure in the bones and allows them to relax, and as a result, the patient experiences less pain.

For special needs, there are also special yoga positions, such as those that can reduce the spinal curve progression and even help it return to its normal curvature.  A yoga specialist can be of great assistance in determining a patient’s individual needs based on their type and level of scoliosis.

Aside from its physical advantages, yoga also offers psychological benefits (which, of course, at Esprit Wellness we believe in more than just healing the physical pain, but also help with mental recovery as well). Through its meditations and postures, yoga can help a patient achieve mental focus, so they can accept their condition and learn how to live with it more naturally.  Breathing exercises can help a patient tune into what his or her body needs and gain an understanding of what to do to physically and mentally feel better.  Yoga can be empowering to scoliosis patients and give them the inspiration and strength to fight their condition.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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