The Woodard’s took the time to write us one of our best chiropractic reviews on our Facebook Page.  Heartfelt thank you Woodards! We were so touched. Take a look at this:

“A HUGE thank you to Dr. Sid and his scoliosis boot camp in New York! This October Matthew started his journey to fight a severe case of scoliosis and we are so pleased with his results. In 8 days, Matthew’s 62 degree top curve reduced to 53 degrees, proving that the right therapy works. Matthew will continue treatments here to sustain that improvement until we can make it back to New York. In the meantime, stay tuned…staying in Manhattan was the icing on the cake and we have some wonderful pictures to share…” — Norma N Eddie Woodard 

Your chiropractic reviews are important to us and the many who would rather hear you tell it, rather than us.  We encourage others to post their best chiropractic reviews so we all can benefit from each other’s experiences.  Thank you!

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