Physical abnormalities often poses a challenge when it comes to engaging in physical activities, and they can sometimes prevent kids from participating in school sports. Not only is the child conscious of how they are physically different from the other kids, but the fear of getting injured and making their condition worse causes them to not want to participate.  Even if a child with scoliosis wants to participate in sports or other physical activities, they are often warned not to.  However, scoliosis patients should not shy away from all physical activities because there are many instances in which sports are actually encouraged.

Exercise is very important for children and adults with scoliosis because it helps to strengthen their muscles and increase flexibility. Sports, for instance, are a great form of exercise because they aid in enhancing spinal mobility and strength. There are times when chiropractors will recommend a scoliosis patient get involved in physical activities like sports to help speed up the healing and recovery of their spinal condition.

Even though sports and physical exercise can be incredibly beneficial to scoliosis students, there are certain kinds of sports that patients must stay away from. One-sided sports like golf, tennis, and throwing games should be generally avoided, as they involve a large amount of bending or twisting the trunk. Long distance running is another physical activity that scoliosis patients should avoid because it can easily jar the spine.

One type of sport that is beneficial to scoliosis patient is biking because it does not require any bending or twisting of the body. Symmetrical sports like swimming are also good, as they help stretch the spine.

The type of sport isn’t the only consideration, however.  The severity of the patient’s scoliosis condition is a huge factor to consider when deciding whether or not to participate in athletic activities. Patients with mild scoliosis are normally advised to get involved in sports, but patients with moderate to severe conditions should consult with their chiropractor before beginning any new activities.

Chiropractor Manhattan helps scoliosis patients identify the right kind of physical activities that are safe for their current condition. Spinal evaluations and examinations are used to ensure accurate and comprehensive diagnoses, so patients are better advised on what to do and what to avoid.

-Dr Sid
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