Pain relief is the most important goal of patients with back pain. The chronic soreness that can manifest in the back and spine often creates a hindrance to even the most normal daily activities. It is thus recommended by many chiropractors to incorporate different pain relief techniques such as acupressure massage, an ancient Chinese art of healing.

Acupressure massage utilizes the sensitivity of the hand to apply pressure to certain pressure points in the body. There are different points on the skin called potent points that are sensitive to bioelectrical impulses. Chiropractors use hand pressure or even needles to stimulate these points and release endorphins that help relieve body pain.

There are many reasons why acupressure massage is used in chiropractic. Generally, this ancient Chinese technique is very effective in addressing back pain and helping to relax tension in the surrounding muscles. After back surgery or through the course of back pain treatment, patients can undergo acupressure massage to help release tension, which allows the free flow of blood and energy in the spinal column. An increase in blood circulation helps make any chiropractic adjustment easier because the muscles and joints are more relaxed, which makes it a much less painful experience for the patient.  Once the body is relaxed and the chiropractic adjustments are stabilized, this places the patient on the track of achieving a faster and more effective healing.

Chiropractic NYC utilizes acupressure massage when treating its patients to help the body relax before an adjustment.  It is essentially like stretching before you exercise, and different high-tech devices are used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of stimulating acupressure points.  In addition, NYC Chiropractic also uses acupressure massage for other health reasons as well. Acupressure massage aids in promoting better overall health and addressing stress-related problems. Such a natural and safe technique is also effective in boosting the immune system, enabling the body to adapt to changes in the environment, and prevent further diseases and illnesses from developing.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness
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