With the prices of commodities going up and the large number of layoffs, it would appear that the most practical thing for a person to do would be to save money.  We need to be more cognizant of our spending and cut costs where we can to be sure we have enough funds to sustain our daily needs in case something unexpected arises.

How we address our health costs is no exception.  The first consideration, of course, is which treatment will be most effective, but when there are several options to choose from, you must consider what will provide the utmost care and relief without completely robbing you of your money. Although a normal person would typically immediately buy pain medicine when they experience back pain, that’s not the only option.  Chiropractic care also offers relief from pain and, with continuous treatment, can even cure the causes of your back pain, which traditional medicine often cannot do.

Because chiropractic care is so popular, it is frequently used as a comparison to medical care.  That said, which is more cost-effective?  Chiropractic care or medical care?

For traditional medical care, a patient will spend anywhere from $30 to $300 on an average visit. When you meet with the doctor, he or she must examine you, which usually carries an expensive price tag.  Then, once the doctor has identified the problem, he or she prescribes medicine for pain relief.

For chiropractic care, patients usually only spend $30 to $65 per visit. Even though examinations are required for this option as well, some clinics offer certain tests for free. After the initial consultation, subsequent visits are scheduled for the patient to undergo therapy and they are usually offered at a much lower rate.

Though it may seem that you’re not visiting the chiropractor any less than a doctor, the real price difference comes from the cost of prescription drugs. Medicine eases the pain, but it doesn’t cure the cause, so when its effects wear off, the pain returns. In many cases, patients become addicted to their medicine because their body grows accustomed to it and they end up having to take more and more for it to be effective.  As a result, that are constant expenses associated with buying more medicine.

On the other hand, chiropractic care addresses the underlying causes of pain.  So, not only does it provide temporary pain relief, but it also addresses the real issue at hand for a permanent solution.  Procedures are designed to encourage the body to naturally heal itself, so no medicine is required.

Chiropractor Manhattan offers safe and effective chiropractic care that ensures total relief from back pain. Through an exercise form of therapy, patients are assured the comfort, relief, and gradual healing that traditional medical care cannot provide.

-Dr Sid

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