Poor Rudolf, the enthusiasticPoor Rudolf, the enthusiastic little reindeer with the quirky glowing nose – no one wanted to play with him because he was different. There was a time when the Chiropractic profession was in the same sleigh.

Before the famous 1987 Wilkís Antitrust case victory, the American Medical Association made strong efforts to keep NYC Chiropractors from playing their health care game, warning its members to never refer patients to NYC Chiropractors or face being shunned by the entire medical community. They failed to realize Chiropractic was an entirely unique health care approach (unlike medicine in any shape or form) and we wouldn’t be bullied out of serving the masses with our unique wellness Principle.

Today the playing field is different. More and more New Yorkers rely on the inherent, recuperative properties of their own bodies and use Chiropractic to preserve and protect their health without drugs or surgery. With our Principle so bright, we’ll continue guiding our patients to better heath and more Life.

Live Well with us!

For almost 18 years, Esprit Wellness has made available to its clients an integrated menu of premium holistic offerings including Chiropractic, Physical therapy, Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique, Massage, Weight Loss and Nutrition education. Additionally, Esprit Wellness, the ScoliSMART Clinic of New York, offers one of the country’s leading non-invasive Scoliosis treatment program, completely personalized and featuring extensive diagnostic evaluation, risk-factor analysis, and at home Rehab exercises. Call 212.354.2020 and visit www.espritwellness.com to learn more about Living Well with us!