Dr. Sid’s practice is a rare and treasured find if you are looking for a highly professional chiropractor with a sports massage medicine focus. His office is a spa-like and zen-like atmosphere with music, incense and soft-pasteled painted walls. Together with high-tech equipment, a very caring and attentive staff including sports masseuses – Esprit Wellness has been a life saver for me.

I am a sports active 49 male who discovered Dr. Sid at Equinox 2 years ago while trying to rehabilitate myself from a golf injury. I am an active golfer, runner and weightlifter. Dr. Sid introduced me to ART (Active Release Technique) which is an advanced procedure of intense soft tissue manipulation. Upon doing some research on this technique, I have discovered that many professional atheletes and trainers utilize ART for rehabilitation. Outside of magic, Dr. Sid’s ART has restored my physical health from shoulder strains, hip injury, abdomen muscle tears, knee tendon strains.

We began a regular series of treatments 2 years ago as a preventative and maintenance program. My real achilles heal is a lower back disk herniation of lumbar 4-5. His cutting edge and professional knowledge, he has helped me alleviate pain, increase flexion and more importantly recover from injuries faster.

My typical session begins on a full back massage chair for 10 minutes, followed by several exercises and spinal stretches. After this, he has one of his very professional masseuse work on me for 15-20. They perform everything from sports deep tissue, shiatsu and swedish methods. The purpose is to increase the blood flow, vitaltiy and flexiblity to the spinal musculature system.

The session ends with Dr. Sid performing his ART and chiropractic manipulation.

Over the years I have used three other Chiropractors. I will 100% attest that his practice is worlds apart from traditional chiropractic experience. If you are seeking another level, a spa and zen-like approach to holistic health with a sports massage focus – you found it right here.