Scoliosis is characterized by the abnormal curvature of the spine that often manifests before or during adolescence. There are many different types of scoliosis curvature patterns, each with its own particular characteristics and symptoms, but the severity cannot always be determined by an X-ray.  Many children with scoliosis suffer from only a slight curvature of the spine with minimal health complications; however, others with severe cases of spinal curvature often experience greater complications, such as chronic back pain.

The main thoracic pattern is among the most common types of scoliosis curvatures found in children.  Main thoracic curve is characterized by a bend to the right in the upper spine, and it affects the upper back. It often forms a C shape, and vertebrae are significantly turned.  Children who suffer from a main thoracic pattern normally experience malformation of the ribs and cardiopulmonary problems.

Similar to the main thoracic pattern is the lumbar curve.  However, instead of curving right, it curves to the left and affects the lower back.  It is not considered as severe as main thoracic curvature.

The longest type of scoliosis curve is the thoracolumbar curve, and  it can run from the upper back to the lower back. The thoracolumbar curve is also considered the rarest type of curve because, even though the spinal deformity is usually minor, the patient often experiences serious rib distortion.  Thoracolumbar curvature can curve either to the right or to the left.

The double major curve is the most severe type of scoliosis curve because it forms the letter S.  The spine first bends the spine to the right and then the left, and the two curves are often the same size. Patients with a double major curve typically appear shorter in stature due to the vertical distortion of their spines. What makes this type of curvature complicated is that it often appears to be minor in X-ray results even if it is not.

Each type of spinal curvature requires a different treatment approach.  Chiropractor NYC understands the nuances of the different scoliosis curves and applies appropriate treatments accordingly. The treatments they offer are proven to be safe and effective and can often help the patient to avoid surgery, which is much riskier and can cause further complications to the body.

-Dr Sid
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