Anyone who has back pain or neck pain caused in whole or part by a damaged disc may be helped by Disc Ease Therapy.

There is a very good reason why thousands of former back pain sufferers are calling non-surgical lumbar decompression the “eighth wonder of the world.” This amazing new bio-technology is responsible for cracking the back pain code for thousands of former pain suffers.

The lumbar\cervical decompression more specifically known as Disc Ease Therapy is a quantum leap forward in bio-technology that corrects low back conditions such as herniated discs, bulging disc, protruding discs, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, sciatica, posterior facet syndrome, and failed back surgery syndrome.

The world’s most advanced non surgical treatment for low back related conditions.

Disc Ease Therapy, the world’s most advanced non-surgical treatment for low back related conditions, was developed after many years of research and clinical tests by a team of physicians including a world of renowned neurosurgeon and biomedical engineers.

Seven years a go, our doctors were introduced to Disc Ease Therapy.  They have been extensively trained and certified and have recently purchased a Disc Ease Therapy Unit.  According to area’s premier wellness center, Esprit Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, Disc Ease Therapy targets a specific lumbar level or disc.  It creates a negative pressure or a vacuum effect inside of the disc allowing the center or nucleus of the disc to be re-absorbed into its proper position, unherniating the disc.  Disc Ease therapy rehydrates the disc.

Disc Ease Therapy re-hydrates the disc.

When describing the treatment of a degenerative disc, using the Disc Ease Therapy, our wellness center uses a sponge as an analogy for the decompression process. “A degenerative disc is like a dry sponge-it should be like a wet sponge. So by creating this pump-like action through the Disc ease Therapy, we can re-hydrate the disc with nutrients and restore optimal function.” Research began on spinal decompression more than a decade ago.  A team of top biomedical engineers and physicians investigated the phenomena.  The Disc Ease Therapy uses the technology that came out of their research.

Surgery can be very risky and extremely expensive.

Traditionally, surgery, pain medications and physical therapy have been the primary treatments employed by doctors the address most problems involving the spine.  The complications from back surgery can be serve and may result in permanent debilitating conditions.  Surgery can be very risky and extremely expensive. Pain medication can make it difficult for a person to carry-on  with normal day-to-day activities and still does nothing to correct the underlying cause of the condition.

Physical dependency on those drugs is also another very real concern.  While physical therapy can sometimes offer temporary relief for the symptoms, most patients observe that the actual benefits were marginal at best and in most cases, allowed their condition to worsen thereby making real correction more difficult.  Another common treatment is steroidal injections.  While this can also provide temporary relief, it is expensive and can also allow your condition to worsen as it only masks the pain.

Disc Ease Therapy has proven to be a successful treatment for low back pain due to disc herniations, degenerative disc disease, sciatica arthritis, and posterior facet syndrome.  This procedure has also provided a non surgical option for a larger portion of the geriatric population suffering from degenerative disc disease when surgery is contraindicated.

Recent research revealed Disc Ease Therapy treatments for low back pain to be very successful.  Dr. Sid states, “Disc Ease Therapy is advantageous for patients simply because it’s another avenue for them to seek care for clinical conditions.” He continues, “It gives us another way to maximize the actual treatment procedure that we perform in our office.”

New patient protocol at our wellness center includes a complimentary consultation to determine candidacy for rejuvenation therapy.  Following the consultation, patients undergo a neurological, orthopedic and spinal biomechanical exam.  A biomechanical x-ray will be taken to demonstrate force differentials involved in the underlying cause to most back and spinal conditions.

Often time, patients find the Disc Ease Therapy so comfortable they fall asleep.  The comfort level is due in part to the fact that the Disc Ease Therapy can target a specific disc level and exclude inhibitory muscle fiber action.  Unlike traction tables, the increase and decrease of the decompression follows a logarithmic curve, which inhibits the first of the muscle spasms, allowing the decompression to occur.  Spinal decompression therapy achieves its effects through decompression of the intervertebral discs and facet joints.

The Disc Ease Therapy system has treated well over 7,000 patients.  The majority of patients that successfully complete the treatment regimen stay pain free,” explains Dr. Sid. “Those patients who usually suffer recurrent low back pain have experienced a new trauma or a repetitive motion injury due to their job or activity.” Dr. Sid states, “We offer some of the most advanced non-surgical treatments and stay up-to-date on the latest spine research.”

Hundreds of doctors can attest to the benefits thousands of patients have received as a result of this revolutionary process.  The Disc Ease Therapy system has treated well over 7,000 patients and has produced as incredible success rate.

Professional athletes have become big fans of this treatment.  It was, for example, instrumental in the amazing return of Mario Lemieux to the Pittsburgh Penguins of the National Hockey League after a 2 year retirement forced by lower back problems.