Lower back pain can often limit the physical capabilities of a patient.Due to constant pain in the lumbar area, patients with low back pain are unable to function properly in terms of physical activities like lifting and walking.

When people experience pain in their lower back, many of them instantly believe that it is a hindrance to them at work, which ends up affecting their job and lifestyle. Once back pain occurs, they sit down and rest to attend to their back pain at the expense of doing work or partaking in physical activities.

Although pain in the lower back does cause discomfort, it is not always the main factor in reduced physical performance. In fact, patients with back pain can perform as pain fluctuates in their body.

This conclusion is based on research found in the Spine Journal. Patients with chronic back pain were studied based on their physical activities. The goal was to identify the association between chronic back pain and the physical performance of these subjects.

Based on the results of the study, patients with low back pain were able to increase their level of physical performance despite the pain. There was no significant relationship between the measured pain and the physical performance of each subject. Physical activities during the research included tests on flexibility, lifting capacity, and endurance.

When back pain is triggered in the body, it is important to remain active in order to help promote faster recuperation from back pain treatment. Chiropractic treatment for back pain can include exercise and massage treatments that help the body become more active despite the pain. Through exercises, patients are able to increase their muscle flexibility and endurance, which helps them to tolerate physical activities despite the chronic back pain.

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Source: Spine Journal, Sept. 1992, vol. 17, issue 9.

-Dr Sid
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