As winter weather nears, we can no longer avoid the fact that we will soon have to work and travel in the cold. For office workers and those who work inside, the temperature can be regulated to make things more comfortable. But, what about the workers who spend their time working outside?

Recent research, studying construction workers in various regions of the country, has shown that working in a cold environment can increase the risk of musculoskeletal symptoms in the neck and lower back.  Based on the findings in the study, more construction workers experienced musculoskeletal symptoms in their necks and lower backs than did the foremen and others who worked inside offices. In addition, construction workers in the south had fewer symptoms than their counterparts in the north, where the weather is colder.

So, while working outside most of the time outside may increase your risk of lower back and neck pain, it should not stop you from becoming more effective at your job. To manage pain, what you need is a safe and reliable physical therapy treatment to help you reduce its causes and help you work more efficiently.

Physical therapy for lower back pain is not at all risky, given it is nonsurgical and requires no incision. You can feel safe knowing you are addressed your physical pain without putting yourself at risk or bringing on additional pain.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness