Children who have developmental delays or birth defects or those who have experienced an injury or chronic disease can now find natural relief through pediatric physical therapy. Through a series of safe and effective treatments, including exercise and massage, children are able to cure their health problems and return to living a normal lifestyle.

Physical therapy now presents parents, who want to have their children treated immediately and reduce the chances of their conditions worsening, with an alternative to surgery. In addition to physical development, a child’s emotional development is also a crucial part of the growth process.  Going through a highly-invasive and risky surgery only contributes to the emotional trauma they have been experiencing as a result of their physical deformities. Knowing that children now have treatment options that avoid causing them any further pain, surgery should be a last resort.

Many parents think twice about alternative treatments because surgery offers such an immediate cure. However, parents must understand the risks that accompany surgery and how it can affect their children in the long run. In addition, surgery does not guarantee a 100 percent cure and oftentimes a second surgery is necessary.

Alternative and natural treatments such as pediatric physical therapy impose less risk, so children are more at ease less scared of the procedures. A series of range of motion exercises will help a child gain developmental breakthroughs as well as recovery and relief from physical injuries and fractures.  Furthermore, pediatric physical therapy is useful in detecting early signs of health problems in children.

Physical Therapy Manhattan offers pediatric physical therapy that uses effective therapeutic services to help children return to their normal routines Manhattan Physical Therapists ensure the proper execution of physical treatments, guidance, and exercises to provide patients with fast relief and cures for their conditions.

-Dr Sid
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