I’ve had a shoulder impingement on my right side for about 8 years, during which I moaned a lot about it but didn’t do much to solve it. I think I overdid it doing shoulder presses at the gym and was in pain ever since. It limited my range of motion terribly – couldn’t hold doors open for people or reach into the back seat of my car – every exertion made it ache, and sometimes keep me up at night. I couldn’t even touch my hands behind my back. I had done some periodic exercizes and occasional therapy, but nothing on a consistant basis. So, Dr. Sid started Active Release Techniques (ART) on me three times a week for the first few weeks, along with a brief targeted massage, a rest in a wonderful massage chair, and a chiropractic adjustment. Anyway, after doing the ART, I quickly noticed improved range of motion and less pain. We started out 3 times a week for a few weeks, then twice a week for a few weeks, now I’m down to once a week. The sessions are pretty tough, – think big tight pinching in very specific spots- but it’s over quickly and the benefits are almost instant. My trainer at the gym has me doing increasingly challanging shoulder exercizes and I’m feeling stonger with no pain. From the world’s biggest skeptic, Dr. Sid has won a convert. He is Magic! Highly recommended & would recommend friends & family. Thanks Dr. Sid!!