Driving can be very difficult for people who suffer from back pain. Sitting for extended periods of time can be excruciating to the lower back, especially if it is not well supported. It is therefore important to understand the proper ways to manage back pain while driving.

Chiropractor NYC helps patients understand the value that pain relief and proper lifestyle have in managing constant back pain. Certain changes to posture and body movements, as well as tools to support the body and lower back, are important to finding relief and reducing back pain.

Below are some useful tips for drivers who sufer from back pain:

  • Always support your lower back. This is essential to making sure that your back is free from strain and stress. Lumbar support can either be a rolled towel or a small pillow placed on your car seat to offer cushion to your lower back.
  • Take a few stops to stretch. Maintaining a sitting position for an extended period of time can add to your pain. That’s because your body is strained from the lack of movement.  If possible, stop from time to time and get out of the car to stretch your body.
  • Move your car seat forward. This will position you closer to your steering wheel and makes it easier for you to drive without discomfort.
  • Avoid slouching while driving. Slouching is the #1 enemy of good posture, and back pain is often caused by bad posture. So, adjust your seat to keep your back straight and upright, so you can avoid the slumping position.
  • Do not use slippery seat covers. If your pelvis slides to and fro every time you stop and go, it will only add to your lumbar pain. Try using covers made of woven fabric, as they offer more friction to keep your body from moving as easily.

-Dr Sid
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