Acute back pain is a common body condition that affects both adults and children. The severe pain in their lumbar area causes an excruciating discomfort, which tends to reduce their body performance and mobility.

While there are a lot of medical interventions when it comes to acute back pain, these services are oftentimes deemed risky given the complications that follow after the treatment. A number of back pain patients who have undergone surgery have reported complications such as bleeding, added pain, and even the need for a second surgery. Not only are these things time-consuming and costly, but they also require more effort and compromise from the patient.

In order to reduce the need for medical services for back pain patients, an early physical therapy treatment can be very beneficial. Lower back pain physical therapy exercises can be done at the early manifestation of back pain to avoid subsequent medical interventions such as surgery. Manhattan Physical Therapy offers a specialized physical therapy treatment designed to provide more appropriate and unique therapy for each back pain condition.

Is early physical therapy effective?  A study from Spinal Journal showed that when acute back pain manifests in the body, early treatment through physical therapy will lower the risk of later lumbosacral injections, lumbar surgery and more frequent physician office visits.

The study compared patients who have gone through early physical treatment and those who didn’t receive physical therapy treatments until later.  The former showed a lesser chance of having to undergo subsequent medical interventions.

Source: Spine Journal: 20 April 2012 – Volume 37, Issue 9, p 775-782.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness