“Smoking is bad for your health.” That’s a common message in our culture these days, yet a lot of people continue to smoke despite the fact that it’s detrimental to your body.

When it comes to back pain, smoke is a contributor to the condition. When patients with back pain continue to smoke, the pain in their lower back continue to generate. In turn, smoker patients have greater pain in their body, making them less effective at work and in their personal lives.

A recent study showed the variation of back pain in patients who smoke and patients who do not. The research included 5,333 patients with spinal disorders and varying smoking histories. The study aimed to test whether smoking and smoking cessation provided an effect on lower back pain.

According to the results of the study, patients who stopped smoking experienced a greater improvement in their back conditions and experienced a reduction of pain. On the other hand, patients who continued to smoke during the study showed a greater frequency of pain in their lower backs. In addition, these patients showed no sign of improvement when it came to their back pain.

Therefore, in order for back pain patients to achieve faster and more effective pain treatment, they need to quit smoking. NYC physical therapy and wellness assures that back pain treatments can efficiently reduce back pain in a safer way. Manhattan Physical Therapy offers no incision when treating back pain and only utilizes safe exercises and massage therapy.

Source: J Bone Joint Surg Am 2012 Oct 24.

-Dr Sid
Esprit Wellness