Dr. Sid and his staff at Esprit Wellness are without equal. They are polite, consultative and highly creative; they care about your health. I’ve had major back and neck problems and have visited a number of different chiropractors in the city; they all rushed me in and out. I was not a valued patient and did not feel better or make improvements. Thus, I gave up on chiropractors.

But luckily, my pal Rob, a top triahlete in the world, recommended Dr. Sid. Thankfully I took Rob’s advice. I am very glad that I found Dr. Sid. His techniques have helped put the curve back in my neck and have helped me feel better overall. I’m hooked. I feel a lot better and owe a lot to Dr. Sid for helping me understand my physical health.

Visit Dr. Sid and his staff. I guarantee that you will feel much better.